Professional oyster shuckers

          freshly squeezed lemon juice                        tabasco                       raspberry gin                      Japanese ponzu sauce                  

                                                  a grind of white pepper                                          raw (for the purists!)

We are happy to answer any questions or queries you have about our service.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and find out how one of our team can best adapt to your event. We are fairly flexible and can find a solution for most events.


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Interactive, hand-shucked catering

brought to events and weddings in Edinburgh and around Scotland

What is an oysterman?

An oysterman or woman is a professional oyster shucker. Our oystermen usually dress as French fishermen, but can wear a white shirt and tie if you prefer.

Other dress options such as a kilt or specific corporate colours are available on request, please discuss this at the time of booking.

What does the oysterman do?

An oysterman or woman will bring fresh Scottish oysters to your event or party.  Once there, and at the time agreed with you, he will mingle with your guests and offer them freshly shucked oysters. For those guests wishing to partake in a tasting, the oyster is opened in front of them, checked for quality and offered with a choice of five different seasonings;  

How many oysters should I order for my party?

You can book an oysterman to spend a set amount of time at your event or to open a set number of oysters for your guests to enjoy.  As a rough guide, an oysterman usually spends from 45 minutes to 2 hours at each event, but this can vary depending on the type of event and the number of oysters requested.  


Depending on how many oysters are to be served and the time given to do so, we will send the appropriate number of oystermen.  If you want 100 oysters to be shucked in an hour, one oysterman will be enough but if you want 100 to be shucked in 30 minutes or less we will send you two oystermen.  If it is a large event with 250 or more guests, we may need to send 4 or 5 oystermen depending on the number of oysters ordered and time given to shuck them. 

Why should I book an oysterman?

A professional oyster shucker is an original, elegant and enjoyable accompaniment to all kinds of celebrations, champagne receptions, weddings, cocktail parties and corporate events.  


Having an oysterman mingle amongst your guests is a great conversation starter and ice-breaker for events where not all invitees know eachother.  An oyster bar does not create the same level of interaction and conversation as a wandering oysterman.


Our oystermen can adapt to formal or informal events, indoors or outdoors. He or she is self-sufficient and does not need any logistical set up from the event organiser.  


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Oyster shuckers
Interactive catering brought to your event.
Scottish oysters brought to your event

We recommend ordering an average of  2 oysters per guest as some people love them and may eat half a dozen while others are not so fond of them and may taste just one. However, if you think there will be many oyster lovers amongst your guests, just let us know and we will arrange a suitable number for your party.

How long will an oysterman stay at my event for?

Order Scottish oysters for your event
Professionally opened oysters
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Professional oyster shucker
Professional oyster shucker